Débardage à cheval Euroforest 2018

Demonstrations of horse-skidding forest were proposed by CERRTA on 22 and 23 June on Euroforest.

Velours and Ultime, Breton horses captivated the spectators by showing their expertise by moving logs cut down; work done in calm, in complete safety. The soil is not packed and young trees that grow in their natural environment are not damaged. The horse has its place here in the management and maintenance of national parks. In rough terrain, work is coupled with motorized machines that only have to recover the logs transported by the horses. Johnny Harlay and Gilles Marty, horse skidders, of the Association Actif answered many questions concerning their work.

Reportage by Huguette Rhéty. More photos and details on the website of Esprit Trait: https://www.espritrait.com/euroforest.html

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