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The list of exhibitors has been online for several weeks, providing an opportunity to assess what is being prepared for next June.

The sectors of activity of the exhibitors are as follows:

601 exhibitors and brands will be present at Euroforest! More than half of them had already confirmed their participation since October 2022!

This demonstrates the eagerness of exhibitors to reconnect with their audience at the Euroforest exhibition.

The entire spectrum of forestry activities will be represented at Euroforest. All types of equipment will be showcased (timber harvesting, silviculture, transportation), as well as various accessories and small tools. Today, wood energy holds as much importance as forestry operations and silviculture.

Services are also well-represented. The forestry sector increasingly requires intellectual input to address climate, environmental, and societal changes.

répartition par activité des exposants ©Euroforest
Breakdown of Exhibitors by Activity ©Euroforest
Where do the exhibitors of #Euroforest come from?

A total of 16 nations will be represented within the exhibition halls. From Canada to Latvia, the diversity of exhibitors, as well as visitors, is one of our main objectives for this 2023 edition. Among the 53 foreign exhibitors, the majority come from Germany and Italy, but some come from farther afield, such as Slovenia, Finland, or the Czech Republic.

Of course, the largest number of registered companies comes from France, although they often represent foreign manufacturers.

Upon analysis, it is evident that Euroforest exhibitors originate from 75 French departments.

The Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, and Grand Est regions are the most prominently represented, which is only natural since the exhibition takes place in Saône-et-Loire and is co-organized by FIBOIS BFC and CFBL. The significant presence of exhibitors from Gironde and Pays de la Loire is another strong testament to the reach of the Euroforest exhibition.

And while the Saône-et-Loire department contributes the most exhibitors, it's not primarily for its forestry representation but to delight you better, as the food and beverage exhibitors are mostly locals who will treat you to local products from the region.

Carte d'origine des exposants ©Euroforest
Origin Map of Exhibitors ©Euroforest

Which department are you traveling from to attend #Euroforest2023?

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