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With the aim of showcasing the diversity of exhibitors present at Euroforest 2023, we continue our interviews. As such, we had the opportunity to speak with Sébastien CHATON, forestry expert and Secretary General, and Alexia HUET, General Delegate, both from Experts Forestiers de France.

Euroforest: Hello and thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Could you introduce yourselves and tell us about Experts Forestiers de France?

Alexia HUET & Sébastien CHATON: E.F.F. is the professional union of Experts Forestiers de France (Forestry Experts of France). It brings together over 130 certified experts across the national territory. As a regulated, independent profession composed of specialists in expertise and forest management, the forestry expert carries out all necessary actions on behalf of private and institutional forest owners: heritage management (forest management plans, timber sales, subsidy applications, etc.), asset appraisals for forests within France and internationally, assessments of forest impacts, arboricultural heritage assessments for municipalities, and environmental assessments.

Logo ©ExpertsForestiersdeFrance
Logo ©ExpertsForestiersdeFrance

Euroforest: You participated in 2018, what motivated your return to the exhibition for the 2023 edition, and especially as early as June 2022?

AH & SC: Returning to Euroforest was a natural choice. Firstly, the 2018 edition went very well, so the decision seemed logical to us. This is why, in fact, we booked our spot in June as soon as we had the opportunity, securing the location of our choice.

Euroforest: Do you have any objectives, hopes, or expectations for Euroforest 2023?

AH & SC: We hope to meet numerous professionals as well as the general public. Although it's difficult to predict the outcomes, we believe that being present at the exhibition is essential.

Euroforest: Are you planning to present any novelties or initiatives?

AH & SC: We are currently considering the presentations we will make on-site. However, we don't want to reveal too much and prefer to leave the surprise for the visitors.

Euroforest: An adjective or a few words you would use to describe the exhibition?

AH & SC: Exchange and Sharing, that's truly what comes to mind first. We might even add "crossroads of encounters." The exhibition brings together professionals and the general public in equal measure, which is quite unique for us.

Euroforest: Any advice for future visitors of Euroforest 2023?

AH & SC: Come and see us, we will be delighted to welcome you and engage in conversations!

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